Best Fonts for Websites in 2021

Best Fonts for Websites in 2021 by Prolific Digital

If you already own a website or if you are planning to design a website, you might be wondering the major roles you must consider to make the website professional and unique. As many of us already know, having good content, attractive images, and colours plays key roles in creating a professional-looking website.

Fonts that you use also have an important place in web design. Therefore, it is important to use a professional font for your website to get the unique and attractive look you seek.

In this article, we will find out about the best font for websites that you can use, the characteristics of each typography available, and how to select them based on your particular requirements. Here are some of the Google web fonts that you can use based on your specific needs.

Best fonts that you can use for websites

Sans Serif Fonts
Sans Serif Fonts

Sans Serif Fonts are simple designs without small lines or markings at the end of the letters that can give your content texts a clean and clear look to reach more viewers. These fonts can be fitted well in header texts and also in the page body.

Montserrat font

Montserrat is one of the most popular Google fonts originated by considering the beauty of the city. This font is one of the easiest fonts to read by anyone and is suited for smaller body text on websites.

Arial font

Arial font is used by more than 604,000 websites globally. This can be considered the number one font used, and most popular websites like Google, Facebook, and Amazon use Arial font in their websites.

Neue Helvetica
Neue Helvetica font

Neue Helvetica is also used by many popular websites, including Facebook, eBay, Yahoo. This can be considered the second most used font on the website, with more than 218,000 websites worldwide.

Merriweather font

Merriweather is one of the best Google fonts used by websites like Goodreads, Coursera, and This font was created to develop the readability of website contents.

Times New Roman
Times New Roman font

Times New Roman is a serif typeface and was created in 1931. Websites such as Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Wayfair use this font type.

Choosing a font for your website

There are some important factors you have to consider when choosing a font for your website. We will now discover them.

Choosing a font for your website
Choosing a font

Website brand

You must know your brand’s personality and your brand’s targeted audience as the first step in choosing the right font for your website. You have to ensure that the font you select is suited for your brand.

Your audience

If you have a clear understanding of your website’s audience, it can be easier to choose fonts that go well with their preferences. Your audience can be different from each other based on age, gender, interests, professions, etc.

Readability of fonts

One of the most important factors you must consider is the readability of fonts you engage in your website. You can use good-looking and easy-to-read fonts in your content that anyone can read without having complications.

Checking all the features of the selected font

You have to check how the font looks in its different sizes, uppercase and lower case letters, when the font is in bold and italics, and the font’s best weight that you must use to look best. 

Using web-safe fonts

These factors, which also give you advantages in SEO rankings, are one of the most important sides you must consider. Web safe fonts help in getting faster loading speed in websites. No user prefers websites that take too much time to load. Therefore, using web-safe fonts can be beneficial in keeping your audience happy to reach out to your website and read your content.


The audience notices your website font before reading your content. Therefore, choosing the right font is important to attract more users, expanding your brand name, getting more clicks and shares, and succeed your website by ranking higher in search engines. We have discussed the most popular fonts that websites use, and now you select the best out of them that matches your specific requirements.

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