Facebook tips and tricks for business owners

Facebook tips and tricks for business owners

Are you running a business and trying to find ways to make the most of your Facebook page? Look no further. Facebook offers a multitude of tools when it comes to efficiently managing business web pages. Whether it be a platform to reach out to millions of new customers or even a way to catch up on the status of your competitors, Facebook offers more than what meets the eye.

Despite Facebook being one of the most globally used social media applications, it has many hidden tricks and tools that diversify user experience entirely.

Only a few Power users are aware of some of these features and have learned how to operate this platform. Hopefully, these hidden features will further enlighten them and introduce a whole new world to people unfamiliar with them.

Use the Buffer app to schedule a post

Buffer app logo

Buffer is an app that offers a variety of options when it comes to managing a Facebook page. The free version itself gives users many management tools. One, mainly, would be its feature where it allows you to schedule a post according to your preferred times. Whenever you prepare a post and add it to your queue, Buffer will add it to your next time slot. Just fill in when and where you would like to post.

 Monitoring shares, likes, and activity on your page have never been more accessible. Through this app, you can create loyalty and engagement with an online audience. The pro version includes responding to unanswered comments quickly with a smooth transition from post to post and prioritizing essential conversations such as comments about a purchase and negative remarks on business pages.

One of the most convenient features is managing and monitoring multiple social media accounts from one place, including Instagram and Twitter. So, if you’re looking for an app to help manage your time on social media while running a business, this is the app for you.

Save replies for messages

Save replies for messages
Save replies for messages

Small business owners will often encounter the problems of replying to customers’ comments when they are not satisfied with a product or service. Unfortunately, there are limited tools that provide enough efficiency for this.

Your business page can be used to post messages for people to reach out to you or offer support- especially when you are small and don’t have the budget for external applications. However, most customers will experience similar issues.

We all know how much of a nuisance it is to have to write the same reply repeatedly.

Facebook has a solution to this

You can now keep a store of pre-written replies to send to particular comments, making customer care that much easier.

You can do this by following these instructions:

  1. Go to Messages at the top of your page.
  2. You will see a button called Any Message.
  3. Click Manage Replies.
  4.  Click on Create Reply.
  5. Enter a reply title (such as a common customer complaint or question), then enter your message.
  6. You can also personalize your reply and add an image.
  7. Click Save Reply, and you are sorted.

Keep an eye out for competition

Keep an eye out for competition
Keep an eye out for competition

Running a business on a social media platform such as Facebook can be strenuous.

 How are your competitors faring? What sorts of posts are bringing in the most attention?

Facebook has introduced a feature called “Pages to Watch.” It lets you watch what other pages are doing on Facebook to make comparisons between your page and theirs easier.

To do this,

  1. Click on insights and scroll down to pages to watch, which should be at the bottom of the page.
  2. Next, click add pages to incorporate any pages you would like to keep up to date with. It is recommended that you add at least five pages.
  3. Finally, consider selecting one hundred pages from your niche to create a watch list for yourself.

However, you will need at least 100 fans to create a list of Pages to watch.

Facebook will show you the top 5 posts that have brewed the most engagement. Note that a single page may have more than one post since activity may not be equal on each page.

If you are curious to see the weekly top posts for a particular page, select the page’s name in your watch list. That will allow you to look at and access the details of each post, such as the time and date of the post, the text that accompanies it, the type of media used (photo, video, etc. ), and engagement it received, such as the comments posted and reactions it received.

Take security to the next level with Facebook

Take security to the next level with Facebook
Take security to the next level with Facebook

Create some Trusted Contacts

If you forget your password, lose your phone, or even where your account gets hacked into, trusted contacts can help you securely recover your account.

Go to settings> Security > Trusted Contacts.
You can always change trusted contacts later.

Two-Factor Authentication

Implementing this on all your accounts means that if someone wants to access your account on another device, they’ll need your password and a code that is
sent to the user, usually by text.

Note that you will have to undergo the same process if you would like to access your account on a new device or browser. To enable it, go to Settings > Security > Login Approvals.

Unrecognised login alerts

Facebook can be set to automatically notify you if someone else is trying to log in to your account from a different device or browser.

To do this, go to Facebook Settings and click Security and Login.
At the bottom, tap Get alerts about unrecognised logins.

Embed Publicly available content

Embed Publicly available content
Embed Publicly available content

Facebook also lets you embed publicly available posts onto your website. First, click the pull-down menu at the top right of the file. Then click the “embed” button, which will copy the code, which can be placed wherever you’d like.

Most external links incorporated into posts will be automatically converted to an embedded format embedded link without the users having to exit the newsfeed.

You may ask, why choose to embed a post?

Well, one, it catches attention: With miles of content to wade through, embedded content helps them draw users in while they use their news feed.

Two, it creates value. Customers or Users won’t have to read through a post and have to understand its purpose. The title of a media source quickly conveys its purpose and shows something of significance to users. It is also more likely to be seen as informative to users, which builds a greater level of trust instead of benefiting the company somehow.

See First

pinned post
Pinned post

Missing important posts from a business, organization, or even competitor is tough luck.

Thankfully, Facebook has introduced a feature that allows you to pinpoint what pages or people you would like to see on your news feed at any login.

Before introducing this tool, Facebook’s algorithm determined what users saw in their news feed based on what it believes is the most relevant content for you. This move gives users an even more excellent opportunity to dictate what content they see in their news feeds-following a friend or page regularly will show more content from that person or entity.

 This way, you as a user can gain maximum satisfaction from the posts and pages you receive on your home page. In addition, keeping track of updates has never been easier.


Among the social media networks, Facebook is the largest and most well-known. However, most of Facebook’s success comes from its straightforwardness when communicating with people. That makes it an excellent foundation for businesses seeking to build their social media strategy.

 Compared to other social networking sites, Facebook offers the most comprehensive set of tools from a business perspective.

These hidden Facebook features will seem to be a necessity when it comes to navigating around the application. Yet, remarkably, these tools have not been widely used despite Facebook having been around for so many years and on such a global scale.

Hopefully, these essentials enable you to use Facebook better as both a user and a business owner.

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