Is YouTube a Social Media Website?

Is YouTube a Social Media Website

Almost everyone around the world is familiar with YouTube. Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google?

Researchers have shown that more than 85% of people browse on YouTube at least once a month.

Isn’t it true that if you think of video content online, the first network that comes to your mind is YouTube? But have you ever wondered, “Does YouTube count as a social media?” Well. 

There are many elements of social media platforms in YouTube. But there has not been a clear answer for the above question since there are many debates on the topic.

There are many people out there who consider YouTube as a social media network. Therefore, we will discuss everything about YouTube and find the answer to a popular question, “Is YouTube classed as social media?

What is a social media platform, and what does it really do?

social media platform
Social media platform

A Social media platform can be considered an online network that can connect people and build social relationships among people with similar personal or working interests, backgrounds, preferences, and activities.

Therefore, social media platforms allow people to share their ideas, opinions, interests, and contents with people in the network.

The key features of a social media platform are as follows,

Enable people to communicate information to large numbers of people.
The ability to create and share visual contents.
Easiness to access the networks

So, our topic in this article is if YouTube is a social media network. To get the correct answer, we must figure out if YouTube fulfils the above features that other social media platforms can.

Is YouTube a social media network?

Is YouTube a social media networkIs YouTube a social media network

YouTube is considered a social media network because it enables interactions from users by liking, replying, sharing and commenting on each video.

Also, YouTube has introduced the Community Tab for channels with 1000 subscribers or more.

The community tab allows creators to post polls, images, animated images, posts and more. This will enable the community to engage more often. After all, it doesn’t require the channel owner to upload a new video because it’s more time-consuming and instead create polls or posts that further the engagement with its users/subscribers.

This is a powerful engagement feature that strengthens the idea that YouTube is a social media platform.

Besides, YouTube has a big plus in that it allows users to search for specific content, save, comment and share that content.

You can comment below the video and share your opinion about the video, reply to someone else’s comment and make an input on what they said or, like I said, state your opinion.

This format is always found in some shape or form on every social media platform such as FacebookInstagram, Snapchat, Quora, and many more social media platforms. 

You can also like or dislike videos which helps YouTube pick content that you would be interested in. That is also found on most social media outlets.

Besides, you can subscribe to YouTube channels and get content that you want to read fast and efficiently. Whenever a video is uploaded from a channel you subscribed from, you get to watch a new video that probably interests you on the home button. That feature is found on many platforms.

So on YouTube, you can do many things that make it very comparable to a social media platform.

YouTube social media for the business world

YouTube social media for the business world
YouTube for business world

YouTube allows businesses show their products and services in action. This is particularly useful for business organizations with limited physical distribution channels, including those who primarily sell over the internet. Business organizations that use YouTube to allow their customers to see their products in action.

YouTube provides a chance to add colour and movement to your business image. It is also used to share video footage and interviews with people. Youtube is a continuously growing platform used by the business house, individual etc., to convey their message.

Social media marketing for businesses has become popular over time. Advertising and marketing campaigns are done in almost every company worldwide as it is less expensive than traditional advertising and marketing methods.

If you are running a business, you can also use YouTube as a method of social media marketing to humanize your company brand name and engage with more clients. Not only that, but also you can receive valuable feedback from your potential customers via the YouTube network, which help you to expand your customer base.

Google and YouTube


Are you wondering that YouTube cannot be considered social media because it does not have a private message system? 

That problem was easily handle using Gmail (Google email system), you need to have a Google account to create a channel or comment, so if you want to send someone an e-mail or a private message, you do it through Gmail.

Is YouTube important in SEO?

Is YouTube important in SEO
YouTube SEO

YouTube has an important place in SEO strategies. There are two main reasons why. The first is that it is a social networking platform. This means that people commenting on your video content will matter within the social media factors Google considers SEO. People tend to give a video more time than a written article. Besides, it is more engaging and fun for your audience.

You already know the Google  impact on YouTube. Therefore, the second reason is the rising importance Google has in SEO. How they are so connected, it easy to build content on YouTube but have activity on Google. All your comments on YouTube are posts in Google. And people commenting on your videos brings more traffic from Google.

Wrapping Up

After discussing all the above facts, it is proved that YouTube is a social media website.

YouTube fulfils all the elements that other social media platforms do such as, webspace, web address, build profiles, encourage to connect with friends, upload content in real-time, enable conversations, and posts with a stamp.

 Therefore, social media sites like YouTube can provide all the particular requirements that other networks can fulfil to their users.

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