The Importance of Meta Descriptions -2021 Free SEO tips

The Importance of Meta Descriptions -2020 Free SEO tips

We all yearn for higher click through rates to our websites. Did you know meta descriptions play a major role in getting higher click through rates to your website by appearing in the search engine result pages? What is a meta description, and what are the tips on writing a good SEO description for your web pages to get more clicks? This article will explain everything about meta descriptions and the importance of having compelling meta descriptions for your web pages.

Meta description

meta description
Meta description

A meta description is an HTML tag that is not visible when viewing the page. This is a limited characters summary that describes web pages’ content and appears in blue links in search engine result pages. This is also called a snippet.
Meta descriptions do not directly impact search engine rankings, but they play a key role in increasing the click-through rate. When your webpage gets more clicks from the users, search engines consider your website to be good, and they will rank your webpage at the top of search results. 


Let’s see where you can add the meta descriptions!

Meta description example
Meta tag

You have to set the meta description in the <head> section of your web site’s HTML.  You can see the meta description for a page by right-clicking on the page and choosing ‘View page source.’ Here is how a meta description may look like.

<meta name=’’description’’ content=’’A description of the specific web page shows up in the search engine results in pages.”/>

Homepage meta description

It is recommended to have site-level descriptions on the homepage meta description. You can set up the homepage meta description in the required character length to appear in search engine result pages. Make sure to write a summarized description of your overall website that can influence the users to click through your web page. There is an excellent google extension that will easily give any page SEO information, including meta descriptions.  SEO meta in 1 click will allow you to take competitors’ meta descriptions using that tool and analysis for a better solution. 

About us meta description

Since most websites have the about us page, you will have to ensure that the about us meta description is accurate, engaging, and have complete but summarized details about your business organization. Having a specific and appealing about us meta description will help you increase the rate of getting clicked by users. If you need to optimize your meta description, our experts are here to help you with years of experience.

Google meta descriptions

When writing meta descriptions, you will have to ensure that you are concerned about the Google meta description length requirements. Make sure to have at least 70 characters or less than 160 characters in Google meta descriptions. Suppose the meta description is too short, or there is no meta description written for the web page. In that case, it will result in Google producing a description on its own. 

Tips on writing a good SEO description

Tips for description
Tips for description
  • You will have to ensure to keep your meta description length to be in 130-150 characters. If the meta description length going over the character limit of 160, search engines will cut off the extra text.
  • Creating meta descriptions using relevant keywords can be resulting in search engines giving priority to your web pages to appear in search engine result pages. 
  • Include verbs in your description that call to action such as ‘buy’ or ‘learn’ or ‘explore’ or ‘find our more.’
  • Avoid putting misleading meta description and ensure to have a description that matches the content of the webpage.
  • Avoid creating duplicate meta descriptions. It is important to have unique meta descriptions for each of your web pages to appear in search results.

A meta description is important to influence the users to decide if they need to click through your web page by seeing the limited description of search results. Therefore, you will have to use the above tips to write a unique, attractive, and relevant meta description for each of your web pages. When you set up the meta description by putting the necessary time and effort, you will see that your site gets more visitors every day. It will elevate your website to more people. 

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