How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Site

How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Site
Getting organic traffic to the web site can be a challenging task for any business. If your competitors have more traffic than you, they will be on top search results in search engines. Therefore, are you wondering how effective enough is your web traffic to compete with other business competitors?

Do you want to ensure that the audience gets to see your website instead of your competitor web sites? Well. You might be struggling to compete with other businesses that have similar products or services like yours when getting traffic to your site.

Thus, it is essential to obtain organic traffic to your product or service website when potential customers are looking for something.

So, how do you improve organic search results? Today, we will discuss the steps and actions you must follow to improve your website to increase organic traffic.

Even though you already have a sufficient amount of organic results, read on to improve it more!

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is described as the results that obtained your website through a search engine without any paid promotions or advertisements.

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a significant role in online marketing, which can help to increase organic website visitors. Search engine optimization is the process of improving your website to potential users that can result in boosting its visibility in search results. You must ensure you know everything about SEO and have SEO experts with you to compete with other businesses.

So, have you checked the organic traffic of your website and already have a significant amount or need more?

There are some proven ways of getting traffic to websites organically. We will now look at the steps and tips you can follow to improve organic search results.

Optimizing the website content for users, not search engines

Content marketing is one of the significant steps you can follow to increase organic traffic to the website. Content marketing is creating written or visual quality content to attract potential customers to the website. You must make the content by considering how it will look from a user perspective, not by considering the requirements of search engines. 

If you use too many keywords in the content suitable for search engine will not be ideal for users to read. This means that if you have quality and engaging content that fulfil the audience’s requirements, it will gradually improve SEO.

Posting shareable, quality, and engaging content regularly

One of the most critical steps you should follow is posting quality, exciting and relevant content on a regular basis.

 If you are not creating engaging and quality contents or are not creating engaging and quality contents constantly, you will not be able to drive organic traffic to your website.

Therefore, you should post contents that are well-written, informative and, most importantly, free from errors and spam on a regular basis.

You must create the content by targeting their specific needs, which means the content of your website should be able to offer and fulfil their requirements. When you follow this vital step, you can increase the organic traffic to the site and receive the best results.

Researching the topic before writing the content

More than 55% of marketers have problems in writing engaging contents to attract their customers. But this is one of the critical factors in increasing organic traffic. The only solution for this is to research your specific topic well before writing the content.

You must also find a unique way to present your content that is better than your competitors do.

Using relevant keywords

Did you know you can drive more traffic to the website when you use relevant keywords? So how do I increase my organic keywords can be the first question in your mind right now. People can find your website without clicking on any promotion when you use keywords in the content.

For example, if you want to target a specific audience based in the UK, you must use keywords according to their preferences, such as the words and phrases that they use when looking for something.

Researching and targeting long-tail keywords

You can have organic web traffic easily if you can research and target long-tail keywords. But what does it mean by long-tail keywords? Long-tails keywords are three or four specific keyword phrases, and your visitors use them when they are close to purchasing or use in voice searches. These words are how users search for something on the internet.

Since long-tail keywords are more specific, they have higher conversion values but less search traffic volumes. Even though long-tail keywords cannot drive a ton of traffic to your website, they can inevitably generate organic and targeted traffic to the site.

You must not neglect the intent of your potential users when researching and targeting long-tail keywords.

Using wining headlines

Did you know that more than 80% of visitors will read the blog post’s headline, while the rest of 20% of users read the whole content? Therefore, it is crucial to write headlines that can attract users to click and share your content on social media that help to increase organic traffic to the site.

Even if you use optimized and winning captions, you must not decrease the quality of your content because the visitors expect that your website fulfils their specific requirements. It would be best if you understand your audience first, and then you can create a better headline.

Optimizing website metadata

You must optimize the metadata including, Meta description, Meta title, URL and images, when you are trying to increase the organic traffic.

  • Making catchy titles between 50-60 characters
  • Using short, SEO-friendly permalinks of 2-4 words
  • Inserting primary keyword in the title, Meta description and headings
  • Adding modifiers to your title, such as “best”, “top”, or industry-specific
  • Complimenting your text with images, videos, diagrams and other graphics
  • Adding ‘alt text’ to your pictures and include the primary keyword

It is important to remember the above factors when optimizing metadata.

Using internal links

Using internal links in your blogs can keep your visitors longer time in your website. This results in increasing your search rankings. But it would be best if you remembered not to use too many internal links that can make your site look like spam.

Encouraging incoming links

Search engines like Google give their priority to websites that have incoming links. You can encourage your friends, family, business partners to link to your website. But beware of spam links that can damage your SEO.

Almost everyone uses social media today. Therefore, social media can contribute immensely to driving organic traffic to your site. You can improve your social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

You can take steps like posting your website links in social media posts and sharing information about your products and services. Besides, adding a share button in your site to make it easier for your visitors to share in their social media accounts.
Finally, you can use measure the results of organic traffic and optimize better by using Google Analytics.

Final Thoughts

Increasing organic traffic to the website is one of the significant complications any business has to suffer. Organic traffic is the number of traffic volume your website receives without any paid promotions or advertisements.

We have brought down the best steps you can follow to improve the web traffic organically. You can successfully find your potential customers before your competitors and attract them by using the above-discussed tips.

If you need additional support or require organic SEO service from experts, you can always seek help from organic SEO agencies.

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