Top social media sites to consider for your brand in 2021

Top social media sites to consider for your brand

Are you running a business and considering expanding your business among the targeted audience with top social media apps? It has been proven that social media features can help companies to grow their brands by identifying the right social media strategy. Therefore, nowadays, companies and businesses take advantage of social media platforms to engage with the audience, reach new customers, and business goals.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Snapchat are some of the most popular social media platforms that billions of people worldwide use daily. You might be thinking that you must use all these platforms to fulfill your business needs. But the right social media site to be used will be depending on the type of your company and business. For example, apps like Instagram are best suited for businesses that post photos and videos for their audience. At the same time, platforms like LinkedIn are mainly used by B2B prospects and potential employees.

Today, social media marketing companies offer the service of maintaining social media sites of business brands among the targeted users. But it is essential to get the benefit from one of the top social media marketing companies in your region.
This article will discuss all the top social media sites to consider for your brand and how you can use them in accomplishing your needs.


Facebook can be described as one of the biggest and the most popular social media platforms we can find today. The monthly users of Facebook are about 2.7 billion, and this popular platform can be used to engage with your targeted audience, advertising tools, provide services for your customers, and collect their feedbacks to reach more people.

Facebook provides advertising features to its users. Therefore, maintaining a Facebook page is beneficial for any business. You have to ensure that you update your Facebook page regularly to keep engagement with the customers.


Instagram that has over 1 billion active users worldwide, is ideal for any business to build their brand among people. Instagram provides its users the advertising feature business accounts that can be linked with Facebook account.

Instagram is the best social media platform for those who want to maintain visual content, and this platform can reach your audience with the photos and videos you share in your business profile. Using hashtags in your posts, sharing live videos and stories about other great your business are some features that Instagram offers to its users.


Twitter is best suited for any company or business that posts original content regularly. This social media platform has nearly 186 million active users daily. You can post real-life updates for people who are looking for trending news and information.

As a business, you can share helpful information from other sources in your account, which will attract users, and it will be beneficial to expand your brand within the audience.


LinkedIn is one other popular site for those who search social media platforms for professionals that can reach B2B prospects and potential employees. When you need new employees for your company, you can hire applicants by having an active LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn has more than 706 million registered users, which can be beneficial for any business field.


Pinterest is an excellent platform with more than 400 million monthly users worldwide. This site is ideal for people who run e-commerce businesses to share products.
Pinterest offers the feature of uploading product photos with short descriptions that can reach customers.

Therefore, this platform makes it easier for businesses to promote their products online and gain more sales.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps that allow businesses to communicate with customers, sharing products and information to fulfill their business needs. Facebook owns WhatsApp, and over two billion people use this platform globally.

WhatsApp Business Application is suitable for any business, and you can instantly communicate with your customers and create product and service catalogs.


Social media marketing can be used to grow your business, reach the targeted audience, increase sales of your company, and any other different goals. Most importantly, you will have to ensure that you are engaged with the right social media strategies and platforms according to your business type.

In this article, we have discussed all top social media sites to consider for your business brand. When you identify the necessary information and process on social media marketing, it is easier for you to understand how you should work on each platform. Also, you can take our professional support for social media marketing to gain more potential audiences.

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