What Is Web Maintenance? Beginner’s Guide for 2021

What Is Website Maintenance Beginner's Guide for 2021

Regular website maintenance is vital for any website to run smoothly and accurately because it makes your website updated and free from errors by regular checking. Your business customers or any other individuals interested in your business often visit your website to get the information they need and learn more about your business.

If you do not take the necessary actions to make your website updated and error-free, it can negatively impact your business and get ranked and web traffic. It has been proved that someone who maintains a website gets more traffic and increases business sales than someone who does not maintain a website properly. You can enhance the visibility of your website if you get a proper maintenance process. Therefore, it is essential to get your website maintenance properly.

This article will discuss what is meant by web maintenance, what website maintenance includes, website maintenance cost, and the importance of web maintenance.

What is Website Maintenance?

What is Website Maintenance
Website maintenance

Website maintenance is regular checking for web errors, solving them to function and perform properly, and keeping your website updated and relevant.

The next question in your mind should be what website maintenance includes. We will now explore the key roles in the web maintenance process.

What does Website Maintenance include?

What does Website Maintenance include
Website maintenance include

Here are some of the primary website maintenance duties.

Annual website test

After updates, you have to test your entire website at least once a year. You have to ensure that your website is free of broken links, images, outdated or wrong information and correct all of them after checking.

Website backup

There can be a significant chance of losing your information, money, time, and efforts if something happens to your website. Therefore, it is crucial to do a website backup once a month. It can help you from losing all the data. Enable the automatic backup feature on your site and check whether it works properly once a month. But if you do not have this feature, you can do a manual backup once a month.

Checking processes of forms and checkouts

This task, checking the processes of forms and checkouts of your website, should be done four times a year. You have to ensure that they are working correctly.

Checking analytics weekly

This task is essential for you to check if your website meets your specific business goals. You can check your website performance weekly by using tools like Google Analytics. If your site has not met the goals you need to reach, you can make necessary updates and review them next time you check analytics.

There can be various other tasks that can be completed in the website maintenance process. We have brought you the key functions only. You can always go for a professional website maintenance company if you think you need support to maintain your website in a professional manner.

How much to charge for website maintenance

The cost you have to spend for website maintenance can be different from one website type to another. Therefore, we can say it will depend mainly on the type of the website. We have listed here the monthly cost of some types of website we visit daily.

  • Personal Website Cost – £3 to £18
  • Corporate Website Cost- £150 to 2600
  • Small Business Website Cost – £26 to £75
  • SMB Business Website Cost – £94 to £376
  • Custom Business Website Cost – £263 to £3387
  • Ecommerce Website Cost – £1130 to £1880
  • Custom Ecommerce Website Cost – £1505 to £3763
  • Web Application Cost – £225 to £1880
  • Professional Blog Cost – £18 to £56

Apart from these monthly costs, some other various factors influence website maintenance costs. We have listed some of them below.

Domain name

Domain name
Domain name

You have to purchase a domain name when you create a website that appears as your web address. You have to pay monthly or annually to keep your domain name and prevent from someone else buying it. The domain name costs can be 0.057 pounds to 0.72 pounds monthly or 1 pound to 15 pounds annually.

Website hosting

Website hosting
Website hosting

Your website needs to be hosted by yourself or by a hosting provider in order to access the web. Below are some of the web hosting options you can choose.

It enables sharing your web server with other websites and can be considered the inexpensive option available.

You share the server with other sites in this option, but your sites get an entire amount of server space on the web.

Your site will be hosted in the cloud instead of on one server. Your website will be on different servers.

You will get full access to the server without any sharing with dedicated hosting.

Secure socket layer (SSL) certificate
SSL certificate

You have to have an SSL certificate to ensure that your site is secure to receive and transfer sensitive information. If your site has this certificate, you will have HTTPS instead of HTTP. And also, a padlock image in your website URL. You will have to pay 1 pound to 90 pounds monthly or 7 pounds to 1077 pounds annually to have your secure socket layer certificate.

Importance of a website maintenance plan

Importance of a website maintenance plan
Website maintenance plan

Maintaining a website with no errors and updates is essential for many reasons. We have listed some of the key reasons for having a healthy website.

Supporting SEO strategy

Google supports websites with updated and relevant information. If your website is not well maintained, the users may visit your website and leave instantly. Google considers this to lower the rank for your website. Therefore, website maintenance is essential to drive traffic to the site.

You have to regularly update your web content with relevant keywords, news, information, and all other facts that help rank higher in search engines.

For online researches

When a customer wants to buy something from you, he or she will check your website before completing the purchasing process. The studies show that more than 85% of customers do online research before a purchase. Therefore, your website should be able to give a positive experience to attract them because if your website fails to provide them with a positive impression, they will look for another site that can fulfil their needs.

Increasing your business sales

You have to ensure all of the purchasing features of your website working correctly. If your website is maintained correctly, it is easier for your customers to select the products and services they need. It will increase your business sales.

Enhancing user experience and customer attraction

Every customer looks for a website that is responsive to their specific needs. If your website is full of errors, broken links or images, they will leave your site immediately and look for another site. They will analyze that your business is unhealthy and unprofessional if your website gives them a negative user experience. Therefore, web maintenance is essential to enhance user experience and customer attraction.

Security updates

Many websites get cyber attacks and lose their valuable information. It can cost a considerable amount to repair the damage caused by such cyber attacks. Besides, you will lose the trust that your customers have in your company. When you keep your website maintenance work properly, it can help you complete all the security updates to protect your website against hackers and attacks. Also, your customers will trust your company to share their information.

Help to troubleshoot errors

Website maintenance can help you to troubleshoot all the errors in your website. You can ensure that your website is free from mistakes and running smoothly by the web maintenance process.

Help with the new technology

You will be able to know and keep up with the latest technology to improve your website when you have a proper maintenance process.

Final Thoughts

Your website will be protected from hackers stealing your information by having regular website maintenance. Besides, you can gain more audience to your site by increasing web traffic because search engines often give their priority to be ranked higher for websites with regular maintenance processes. 

Most importantly, you can offer a great and pleasant experience to your customers and audience by having a website without errors, broken links and images. We hope that this article helps you understand everything you need to know about website maintenance and its importance.

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