2021 Website Maintenance Cost | How Much Should It Cost?

Website Maintenance Cost for better & faster website in 2021

Did you know that your website’s regular maintenance is essential for your site to run accurately and increase traffic to your site? Therefore, have you ever wondered how you can ensure that your website performing correctly? Let’s explore and find out how you can keep your website healthy with website maintenance and the costs for it.

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance
Website maintenance

Website maintenance is the process of regularly checking to see whether your website is functioning and performing well. Also checking for issues and errors of your website and keeping up your website with updates. To check whether your site needs maintenance click here.

How much does web maintence cost?

How much does cost
Web maintenance cost

Website maintenance cost depends on the size, features, background, functions, and the service provider.

You should maintain your website at least once a month. Some factors influence average web maintenance costs. Such as registering domain names, secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate, website hosting solutions, general website updates, content management system (CMS) updates, tech support, website analytics reports, and e-commerce system support.

These are the monthly website maintenance cost for different types of websites.

  • Personal website – £3 to £18
  • Corporate website – £150 to 2600
  • Small Business Website – £26 to £75
  • SMB Business Website – £94 to £376
  • Custom Business Website – £263 to £3387
  • Ecommerce Website – £1130 to £1880 
  • Custom Ecommerce Website – £1505 to £3763
  • Web Application – £225 to £1880
  • Professional Blog – £18 to £56 

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How much does website hosting costs?

Website hosting costs
Website hosting costs

Your website needs to be hosted on a webserver to make it accessible on the web to its users. Website hosting means getting some space on the internet by paying website hosting fees.

Disk space, Bandwidth capacity, number of Hosted Domains, number of Sub Domains, number of Backups, Cloud Storage capacity, C-panel, number of FTP Users are the footage for hosting.

There are mainly four different websites hosting packages and below are the average website hosting costs for those four types.

Which hosting for you?

Which hosting for you
Which hosting for you

If you can spend a massive amount of money on web hosting services and if your website experiences high levels of traffics, you can select the option of dedicated hosting. But if your budget for website hosting is low and if your website is a basic or a new one that does not get high volumes of traffic, the best type of hosting will be shared hosting.

Finally, suppose you can spend £10 – £350/month on website hosting costs and concern about your website’s performance. In that case, cloud server hosting will be the ideal option for you.

WordPress maintenance cost

WP maintenance cost
WP maintenance cost

WordPress websites also need maintenance like all other web sites. WordPress websites carry out their function using ‘plugins’. You will have to update these plugins to enhance and keep your website’s performance by ensuring that the updated plugins will not cause errors and issues to the website.

Website maintenance cost for WordPress sites will be depended on the size and complexity of them.

Here are the ongoing WordPress maintenance costs,

Regular website maintenance ensures that your website is protected from hackers. Also, That will increase the web traffic to your site because search engines prioritize the websites that are updated regularly. Because of that, SEO agencies add web maintenance to their SEO campaign. Therefore, the visibility of your website will be enhanced when you perform your website maintenance properly. Besides, website maintenance can improve its users’ great experience by preventing seeing error pages, broken links, and images. 

Therefore, website maintenance can be considered an important task to improve your website’s performance and functions.

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